Visiting Places

Visiting Places

Important Places/Institutions in Udaipur(Rajasthan)  

Sasjjan Niwas Garden:- There is a garden and a zoo to see. A toy train in   also available for children.


 Dudh Talai Garden:- This is a beautiful section of Lake Pichola near sunset   point to  the side of Machala Mangra hill. There are two gardens in it Manikya   Lal Verma Garden & Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay.


 Jagdish Mandir:- Built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1651 dedicated to lord   Vishnu.


 City Palace:- It is 244 meters in height built by later rules

   a. City Palace Museum – It is new preserved as a museum.

   b. Durbar Hall – It is the grandest chamber in Udaipur.

   c. Crystal Gallery – It contains more than 600 rare objects collected.

   d. Government Museum – This museum is governed by the State Area         Logical Department.

   e. Bagore Ki Haveli – It is decorated by Frescoes, Mirror and Glass inlay         work and a profusion of Balconies, Jharokhas and a unique Fountain.


 Lake Pichola:- This scenic lake is surrounded by palaces Temples, Ghats &   Hills. Rising from the lake are two island palaces of Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir.


 Fateh Sagar Lake:- The fine lake is connected by small canal with Pichola   and  Sawaroop Sagar. Nehru Island Park is about 2160 square feet   comprises is many  pyramids shape and channel type fountains it can be   compared those of the Vrindawan Gardens of Maysore.


 Pratap Memorial (Moti Mangri):- An impressive bronze statue of   Maharana Pratap on his horse stands at the at the top.


 Sahelion Ki Bari:- The fountains of  Sahelion Ki Bari function solely by   water pressure. There is good Lawns, Flower Beds, Pools etc.


 Shilpgram:- Craftmen’s village is a living ethnographic museum depicting   diversities of Crafts, Art, Culture of different Indian States.


 Sajjangarh:- It is known as a mansoon  palace. One can enjoy sunset and   forest here.


 Ahar’s Archeological Museum:- About 2 km. east of the Udaipur are the   remains of the ancient human culture and civilization. Ahar village was the   capital of Sisodia  dynasty.


 Nagda:- The ancient site back to the 6th century. A excursions of places   nearby Udaipur with interesting architecture and carvings.


 Ekling Ji (22 km. North):- Complex with 108 temples within it’s high walks.  The  temple is dedicated to lord Shiva “The Persisting Deity” of Mewar rules.


 Kankroli and Rajsamand (65 km North):- An important temple   of Dwarkadish  and Artificial Lake.


 Haldi Ghati(40 km.):- This are was the site of the battle of 1576 between   Rana  Pratap and Akbar.


 Kumbhalgarh (84 km.):- Built by Rana Kumbha in 15th century. Within its   complex  there are Palaces, Temples and Water Resources.


 Rankpur (96 km. North West):- In Rankpur boasts one of the India’s   finest Jain  temple dedicated to Adinath Ji.


 Gokunda:- (35 km North West):- The palace of Maharana Pratap’s Raj Tilak.


 Rishbhdeo Ji (64 km. South):- An important pilgrimage of both Hindus &   Jains.


 Jaisamand (48 km.):- Measuring 14 km. by 8 km. one of the largest man   made  lakes of Asia.


 Chavand (60 km.):- There is a finest statue of Pratap.

 Jagat (55 km.):- The magnificent temples are dedicated to the deity of   Ambika Mata  it is similar to Khajuraho.

Photos of Important Places/Institutions in Udaipur(Rajasthan)   

   City Palace

   Fateh Sagar Lake
   Jaisamand Lake    Kumbhalgarh
   Nagda    Rankpur