Games and Sports

Games & Sports Activities In 2019-20


    • Regional Sports Meet for Badminton(Boys)-Under-14/17/19 w.e.f. 17.04.19 to 19.04.19.     

Primary section organization of
Keeping in view that games and sports are internal part of present day education, children are given ample opportunities to show their caliber in various events.
Through out the academic session 2019-20
Sports coaches, PET and house members.
  • To develop the interest of students in games.
  • To aid in physical growth of the students .
  • To prepare them to face the challenges of life.
-Mass participation
Mass P.T. and Physical exercise
Every Thursday in assembly
Coaches and PET
-Physical Efficiency Test
Running walking jump throw
Games periods
Coaches and PET
-Athletics House wise Competition
100 M race 50 MT race, 30 MT race, throw jump, Toffee race etc
Games period (School level completion April-19)
Coaches and PET.
-School Meets
1. Mini school meet
2. House competition.
Sports coaches , PET
Secondary & Sr. Secondary Organization of Games & Sports
-Mass Participation Drive
1. Mass PT
2. Physical exercise
Every Wednesday in assembly
PET , sports teacher
  • To develop the interest of students in games.
  • To aid in physical growth of the students .
  • To prepare them to face the challenges of life.
-House Wise Competition
Inter house competitions in cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basket ball, Kho-Kho,Kabbadi, Table Tenis, Shooting etc.
PET and sports teacher
Races, 100mt, 200mt, 400mt, 4x100mt, Relayrace , shotput, longjump, discuss throw etc.
PET and sports teacher
-Team Games
Cricket, Volley ball, Basket ball, Kabbadi, kho-Kho, Badminton
PET and Sports coaches
-School Meet
School meet will be organized before cluster, regional meet.
Annual sports day will be celebrated in October.
PET Sports coaches , all teachers
-Yoga practice & Display
  • Yoga practice and display.
  • Yoga and meditation by .
Every Thursday in assembly.
PET, Sports Coach/VP
To develop the interest of students in Yoga and meditation.
-Inter School/Cluster Regional meets etc.
Students selected from school meet in different meet in different events will be sent in Regional meet in different events and sports in regional, National meet and SGFI etc.
As per KVS schedule
Sports coaches/ PET
To participate at higher level
Participation activities organized by other agencies
Students will also participate in different competitions such as Skating, Swimming and Cricket, Chess, organized by other agencies.
As and when organized
PET Coaches
Students will   bring laurel to vidyalaya.


Achievement in Sports Name of Games No. of Players Result Select for Coach Select for KVS RO Team
Boys Girls GOld Silver Bronze Boys Girls  
1 Swiming 4       2      
2 Table Tenis 4              
3 Badminton 2 2         1 1 Girl
4 Basket Ball 7         3   2 Boys
5 Chess 2 1 1   2 2 1 1 Boy
6 Shooting 3   2   1 3   3 Boy
7 Cricket 12         1   1 Boy
8 Skating 2              
  Total 36 3 3 - 5 9 2 8

Achievement in Sports at Regional level Name Class Event Medel
1 Manisha XI A Shooting Gold
2 Sonal XI B Shooting Silver
3 Arun Singh XI B Shooting Silver
4 Suprabhansh XI B Shooting Gold
5 Vishwajeet IX A Shooting Silver
6 Ishita VI A Skating Gold
7 Swapnil Bhati IX C Swiming Gold
8 Yogesh IX A Basketball Selected for national level Camp
9 Toshi Dave XII A Basketball Selected for national level Camp
10 Narayan Singh XI A Chess Gold
11 Narendra Charan XI A Shooting Bronze