CMP Initiative

CMP Initiative

Every effort has been made that all 5 parameters and 25 components of CMP activities are taken into consideration while implementing the CMP activities.
In this session 2019-20 the First cluster level meeting was conducted in the K V 1 where monthly activities were decided at vidyalaya level . While planning the CMP activities for this session care was taken that all five parameters are taken into consideration.


            Due to scarcity of rooms Jr. computer lab is being utilized as resource room. Colour TV,   VCD/DVD player, OHP LCD Projector, two computers with broad band connectivity and  white board are available in the resource room, 6 small magnetic boards were purchased last years.

            Every month HM draws an amount of Rs. 2000/- which is being utilized for the conduction of different activities of CMP.

            All the primary classes are maintaining library system where useful books are pooled by  the students and library such as educational comics, educational games/puzzles, children
            stories, children magazines etc are kept in the box.


  • CMP activities are monitored at vidyalaya level by HM/Principal regularly. 8 assessment tools have been developed besides the routine supervision for monitoring the activities of CMP.
  • Principal is also supervising the classes once/twice in a week. Teachers are being motivated for  their efforts and improvements are also suggested.
  • Diaries, Note books, worksheets/activity sheets are regularly checked by HM.
  • At cluster level first meeting has been conducted for this session in the month of April and schedule for  the IInd , IIIrd and IV the meetings have been also made . some of the demonstration lessons will be observed during these meetings    and the different activities will be supervised during these meetings.


  • This year block periods have been allotted per week for the primary classes.
  • Efforts is being made to make the schedule that first five days. (Monday to Friday) and on Saturday- No Book Day(Fun Day) can be utilized for film show.

            While making the Institutional planning care has been taken that calendar must    include activities of CCA, sports, excursion , community lunch, grand  parents day and Bal divas etc. Activities like , calligraphy, dictation spelling  test, Quiz, poems , recitation, painting    poster competition, story telling, skit      Quiz  have been included in the CCA calendar and different clubs.

  • In the academic session community lunch will be organized on Bal-divas (11-11-19).
  • “TARE ZAMIN PAR” film was shown to the students .
  • Samuhik Garbha was organized in Navratras for all students and teachers in the month of October 2019.
  • Grand parents day will  celebrated on 11-11-19 alongwith Foundation day of KVS.
  • This year publication of News letter of 16 pages has been planned where activities and photographs  will be published after every three months
  • Students will be taken for local excursions in the month of August/September. Efforts will be made that they visit historical monuments –City palace, Moti Magri , Shilp gram, Lok kala Mandal and Art & Craft museum etc.


  • Proper planning of activities will be done which will be followed by effective implementation and feedback.
  • Workshops will be organized in the month of July/August and Nov/Dec to discuss the main objectives of CMP and its effective implementation
  • Demonstration lessons will be given by HM/Teachers and Principal
  • Teachers will be encouraged to make at least 2 TLM’s, 2 power point presentations and inter change the TLM’s and power point presentations, so that co-operative learning and team teaching can be encouraged.
  • All the PRTs have been allotted one “action research” for the session.
  • Subject wise & class wise TLM’s will also be prepared and these TLM’s can be shared by all the teachers
  • Effort will be made that proficiency in both the languages should be enhanced, spoken English teacher will be involved in this assignment.
  • Effort will be made that manuscript magazine should be created for every class and section that can include painting and creative work of the child. Each class is also maintaining creative corner. Through the life skills education creative thinking will be enhanced.
  • Every effort will be made that focus should shift from  “EFFECTIVE TEACHING TO INSPIRED LEARNING”


CMP Activities (in Vidyalaya)

No  Initiative  Class & Subject 

Learning Objective initially envisaged 

Learning Objective Realized or Not 

Name of the Teacher in-charge along with designation 

 1 Making Various shapes using match sticks Class V Maths Concepts of edgesand angle between them in various shapes will be made more clear Yes

Mrs. Vanita Gupta


To Create interest in gardening for beautification of surroundings Class III Appriciation of beauty in nature Yes

Ms. Anita Singh