Co-curricular Activities


i)Finalization of CCA Schedule
CCA schedules has been prepared for the year for primary and secondary classes and published in student’s diaries. 
Throughout this academic session
Principal ,VP/HM/CMP Incharge, Club Incharge, Committees incharges & students task force.
All activities, cultural and literary are organized in inter house competition
ii)Organization of Hobby Clubs(Drawing & Paintings & Fine Arts)
Different competitions posters and painting competitions will be organized- celebration of important days through paintings etc, Rangoli competitions, greeting card making competitions, Kite festivals, glass painting required.
For the hobby classes – exports will be invited for puppet making, clay modeling soft toys making etc.
CCA periods , Art periods in the session 2019-20
Art teacher SUPW teacher and .
To develop the creative and innovative skills among  students to show their potential.
iii)House wise Competition in
Primary Section:-
Alongwith Bal sabha CCA activities various competitions and activities will be organized under CMP activities such as Samuhik Garba, community lunch, excursions, Bal divas celebrations and grand parents day celebrations.
Througout the session-2019-2020
CCA I/C, House masters, Club I/C
To develop CCA skills
-Story Telling
Students from class I to V will narrate stories
CMP I/C CCA I/C, House associate
To develop creative and communicative skills among students.
-Poetry Recitation(Hindi/English)
English recitation 
Hindi recitation
CMP I/C CCA I/C, House associate
To develop creative and communicative skills among students.
English calligraphy
Hindi calligraphy
CMP I/C CCA I/C, House associate
To develop writing and expression skills among students.
Drawing competitions on certain themes
CMP I/C CCA I/C, House associate
To develop creative & artistic skills among students.
Action Song
CMP incharge, House masters, Associate members of house
To develop singing and expression skills among students.
Solo dance,
Group dance
Members of house
To develop dancing and expression skills among students.
-Fancy Dress
Bal divas celebration
Members of house
To develop creative and expression skills to make the day enjoyable for the students.
-Any Other
Various Acrivities under CMP
Throughoutthe session
HM/CMP I/C And Associates
 To develop various skills among primary childrens
Secondary & Sr. Secondary Classes
Extempore speech
CCA I/C, House masters, Club I/C
To develop communications skills among the students.
Topics will be given instantaneously for elocution competition
CCA I/C, House masters, Club I/C
To develop communication skills among the students.
Solo song ,
Group song
CCA Incharge, Principal/VP/House associates.
To develop communication ,  singing and expression skills.
Solo dance ,
group dance
CCA Incharge, Principal/VP/House associates
To develop expression and dancing skills among the students.
Drawing competition with specific theme
CCA Incharge, Principal/VP/House associates
To develop creative and artistic skills among the students.
-Poetry Recitation(Hindi/English)
Poetry recitation
CCA Incharge, Principal/VP/House associates
To develop creative and expression skills among the students.
-Fancy Dress
Bal divasa
CCA Incharge, Principal/VP/House associates
To make the day enjoyable for students.
1. National science day
2.Heritage Quiz (Bharat ko Jano)
CCA Incharge, Principal/VP/House associates`
To develop Scientific  attitude .





  • Allocation of Houses to students

  • Earth day celebration

  • Celebration of Good Friday, Baisakhi , Ambedkar Jayanti

  • CMP Activities at primary level.

  • Preparation for Annual Day Celebration

  • Ramanujan Club activities

  • Maths Olympiad.

  • Sports/ Games activities at Vidyalaya level.

  • Information about Scout/ Guide Activities & motivation

  • Information about Exhibitions/ Olympiads.

  • Information about various Clubs for CCE ( DNA Club, Heritage Club, YCE, Integrity Club, Peace Clubs, Ramanujan Club, Lingstice society, Dramatics Society etc.)


  • Any important Activity as per instruction of KVS.

  • Board Decoration competition.

  • CMP Activities ( Cont.)

  • Information about world Environment Day.


  • Selection of Task Force.

  • Investiture ceremony of prefects.

  • Vanmahotasava Day (27-07-19).

  • World Population Day. (11-07-2019)

  • Activities under integrity Club/ YCE.

  • Registration for Science Olympiad.

  • Social Science & Science Exhibition at Vidyalaya level.

  • Sports & Games Activities at vidyalaya level.

  • Activities of Adventure & Trekking / NCC.

  • CMP Activities ( Cont.)

  • Registration of the Scout & Guide unit.

  • Pre Rajya Puruskar Testing Camp.

  • CMP Activities (cont.)


  • Celebration of Rakshabandan. (Rakhi Making Competition)

  • Celebration of Independence Day.

  • Peace day. (06-08-2019)

  • Sadbhawna Diwas. (20-08-2019)

  • National Sports Day. ( 29-08-2019)

  • English News reading Competition (Literacy Club)

  • Best out of waste. (Creative Corner-Work & Art club)

  • Science & Social Science Exhibition at Regional Level.

  • Adventure Club Activities.

  • Excursion &Academic visits for students.

  • Sports meet at Regional level.

  • Rajya Puruskar Testing Camp.

  • Rashtrapati-Scout Guide Testing Camp.

  • CMP Activities (Cont.)


  • Rhythm Speaks Krishna ( Janmashtami Celebration)

  • Teacher’s Day Celebration ( 05-09-19)

  • World Literacy day. (08-09-2019)

  • Hindi Pakhwara ( 01-09-2019 to 18-09-2019)

  • Hindi Diwas (14-09-2019)

  • Ozone Day ( 16-09-2019)

  • World Tourism Day (16-09-2019)

  • National Unity Day (31-10-19)

  • Literacy Club activities.

  • Hindi Sulekh pratiyogita, Extempore, Essay writing, Slogan writing competition.

  • Science Exhibition & Social Exhibition- National level.

  • Sports Meet- National level.

  • Olympiad test.

  • Pravesh test for Scouts & Guides.

  • Pratham & Dwitya Sopan Testing Camp.


  • Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti.

  • Navratri Sthapana Samuhik Garba under CMP Activities.

  • Dussehra Celebration.

  • Air Force Day. (08-10-2019)

  • World Food Day. (16-10-2019)

  • Vishwas Ekta Diwas.(20-10-2019)

  • UNO Day. (24-10-2019)

  • Wild Lie conservation week- Activities by Nature club & Eco Clubs.

  • Quiz Competitions & Skit Competitions – House Wise.

  • Hindi Debate, Solo Song & Group Dance competitions.

  • NCC Activities.

  • Sports Day of Vidyalaya .

  • Rally at the Regional & National level.


  • Children’s Day Celebration ( CMP Activities)

  • Indira Gandhi Jayanti.

  • Deepawali Celebration( Card Making competition)

  • Guru Nanak Jayanti, Id-Ul-Zuha.

  • Solo Dance, Poster making competition & Fancy Dress competition.

  • Participation in TERI. (Green Olympiad)

  • Participation in NTSE (VIII)

  • Participation in KVPY (XI)

  • Consumer Club’s activities-Vigilance. Awareness week.

  • Communal Harmony week.

  • Cancer Day. (07-11-2019)

  • National Education Day (11-11-2019)

  • Tritya Sopan Testing Camp.

  • Sports-SGFI.

  • NCC Activities.


  • AIDS Day (01-12-2019)-DNA Club Activities.

  • Foundation Day.(15-12-2019) Information about KVS & Cultural Programme.

  • Grand parents Day.(15-12-2019)

  • Farmer’s Day.(23-12-2019)

  • Christmas Day.(25-12-2019)

  • NCC Activities- Parade.

  • Trekking by Adventure Club.

  • Sanskrit Day.( Ved Path & Shloka recitation , Ekanki , Debate.)

  • Solo Dance Competition.

  • March Past ( Sport Wing)

  • SGFI-Sports.


  • Lohri/ Pongal/ Sakranti Celebration.

  • Republic Day Celebration.

  • Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti. (23-01-2020)

  • Basant Panchami.

  • Heritage Day. (12-01-2020) Activities by Heritage Club- Bharat Ek Khoj.

  • NCC Parade.

  • March Past by Scouts wing.

  • Thal Sena Divas.(15-01-2020)

  • Road Safety Week.

  • Activities by Eco-Club.


  • Scout Day-Lord Baden Powell’s Birthday (22-02-2020)- Activities by Scout/ Guide wing, Cub bulbuls Foundation.

  • Mahashivratri.

  • Farewell to Class XII Students.

  • Value- Education Week.

  • Academic Quiz.

  • National Science day.

  • Fun with Science Activities by Science Clubs.

  • Academic Quiz.

  • YOGA- Sports Wing.


  • Academic Quiz.

  • World’s woman Day.(08-03-2020)

  • Khelo holy naturally.

  • Rajasthan Sthapana Divas ( 30-03-2020)